[Rental Camping car CARENT system]

A following text is a description of the essentials for our rental car.

Please read carefully before reservations.

(1)About our service

  1. When you hold reservations, please use the website. You can not be booked by phone.
  2. If you are travelers, please ask the travel agent or your friends in Japan.
    (If you hope to use a rental-car for more than 14 days, you can reserve,except for you who live in Japan.)
  3. Our office is located in Tokyo (Nihonbashi) . 
  4. You have to return the car at the departure point. (Hours 12:00~18:00)
  5. For legal regulations, we can not arrange a rental car drivers.
  6. Your reservation can be accepted until 30 days before your departure.
  7. Please pay the charge by your credit card.(VISA・MASTER・AMEX)
  8. At the time of rental reservation is confirmed, you may request a deposit.
  9. If you cancel after 30 days of your departure, the prescribed reservation cancellation fee will occur.
  10. There is no contact for over 1 hour of your reservation time, your reservation might be canceled.
  11. If you receive a ticket for illegal parking from the police, you have to pay the fine immediately.
  12. You can not change the lease period after your departure..
  13. When we loan a car, you have to sign the document "Recognizance concerning a rent-a-car".
  14. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail using [Contact form].  

(2) How to reserve?

  1. Enter the Rental Application Form, please send it to us. Click Here
  2. After your reservation is confirmed“reservation confirmed mail” wrote the time, charge and location of lending will be sent from us.
  3. Finally you check the content of “reservation confirmed mail” and reply to us by e-mail, your reservation is accepted.
  4. We will check your credit card valid or not about 2 week before your departure.

(3) Car specifications

  1. Seating capacity is 5 people. Pets can not ride.
  2. The car is Toyota Hiace converted into a camper. (2.7 l / 2WD / regular gasoline)
  3. There are a double bed (for 2 adults) with extra bed. 3 adults and a child can sleep.
  4. Please refer to the photograph. Two bedding and outdoor goods are equipped in a car for free.
  5. The navigation system with ETC・CD player is the Japanese version.
  6. We put on a all season tire.
  7. If a child under 6 years old sit on the seat next to the driver, you have to set a child seat. ※We do not have a child seat.
  8. There are neither a rest room nor a bathroom.
  9. This car can move 6〜8km per liter.
  10. In the car, there is a security device made by SECOM.
  11. We have a user's manual to help you enjoy your travel by camper.

(4) Requirements

  1. Japanese driver’s license(Only International license can not be used ※Japanese translation to be attached to the driver's license is required)
  2. Alien Registration Certificate (or passport)
  3. The employer ID card or business card that says the name or position
  4. Credit card for payment

(5) Return

  1. If the return is past the scheduled time, extra charges will occur even if there is any reason to you. (3.000 yen / hour)
  2. At your convenience, even if you return the car in a shorter lease period, there is no early withdrawal refund.
  3. Please return in the fuel tank full. If you do not fill up, the additional charge will be requested on our discretion.
  4. When the return, our staff will check the interior and exterior of the car. In cases stench or pollution damage, the additional charge will occur.

(6) Insurance Compensation

  1. We can receive some compensation for any accident within the limits on the following. However, damages in excess of the limit of insurance (including car insurance), and accident insurance policy relevant to the disclaimer following the case of an accident caused by the act violated the agreement and the lease, the total amount paid by the customer. Please note that will be.
    • When there is a very serious negligence or willful
    • Unlicensed or intoxicated, drugged driving
    • Suicide or criminal behavior - fighting
    • If there is no immediate notification to the police station and our office
    • If such a settlement - without permission
  2. You can receive the road service (ex. battery trouble) for free.
  3. If it becomes necessary to repair the car in an accident with willful or negligence, regardless of interior and exterior,
  4. Non-operating charge (compensation charge for business) will occur.
    • If you can return to the planned place or our office by a car own self :¥34,200+¥24,200×[repair days] …a maximum of¥276,200.
    • If you can not return to the planned place or our office by a car own selff :¥60,500+¥24,200×[repair days] …a maximum of¥302,500.(Car land transportation fee is separately actual cost)

If you have some questions, please ask us by [Contact form].